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Shingai Shoniwa Covers ES Magazine: F.I.Y.A.H!

Credit: ES Magazine

Seeing the gorgeous visage of Shingai Shoniwa on the front of ES Magazine yesterday, was a welcome distraction from the commuting madness I’ve had to endure during the Olympic Games. The weekly freebie mag have been killing it in the cover stakes this year, and this issue is no exception.

Miss Shoniwa and her musical partner Dan Smith are back with a new Noisettes album called ‘Contact’ which is scheduled for release on August 27th. This opulent photoshoot took place at a hotel in Wimbledon and the subsequent interview focused mainly on the complicated relationship between the two (apparently Dan had a big crush on the gregarious front woman). See full interview hereย 

Sidenote: I LOVE what they’ve done to Shingai’s hair. I’m not sure if it’s a blow out followed by a twist out, or if extensions. Yasmina Bentaieb is credited as the hairstylist. Will definitely be checking her out.ย 

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