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Cocoa Read: Roses A Distinctive Little Anecdote by Naomi James

Whilst I was at Pride, naturally I came across many young hopefuls who wanted to enter the competitive world of magazine journalism. In my experience the people who applied for an internship at Pride fell into two camps: the truly dedicated VS the ones who probably watched The Devil Wears Prada on loop and as a consequence carried HUGE misconceptions about the realities of working on a magazine. You could differentiate between the two almost from the get-go. The girls who worked relentlessly, stayed behind to finish their assigned tasks and asked the right questions were usually the ones who came out on top. While those who perked up at the mention of a celebrity, produced sub-standard โ€˜canโ€™t be assedโ€™ copy, and gave attitude when asked to do menial tasks, rarely lasted beyond the two week probationary period.

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