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Cocoa Live: So Solid Crew


Asher D (Ashley Walters) and Megaman warm things up nicely

The only people who were left disappointed at So Solid’s reunion tour which took place at the IndigO2 in Greenwich last week, were the police force who were out in their droves for what reason I don’t know (maybe they were expecting, gangs, grenades, guns – who knows). But what actually took place was a night of great vibes, unity, boundless energy and a trip down memory lane reminding us of a time when we were pre mortgage, pre kids, pre responsible jobs , and life was a whole lot more simpler.

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Sunday Afternoon Fun: Hackney Weekend

Jay Z and Rihanna at the Hackney Weekend

I’m officially a festival head. Throughout the years I’ve never understood the appeal, but after Prince stole my soul  last year on a balmy night in Kent, I’m happy to  admit that I’m a full convert. This summer is especially exciting for festival lovers. Literally every weekend there’s an event scheduled to happen, the established, high profile ones such as V Festival and Wireless, competing against some of the newer ones.

One of the most hotly anticipated festivals was Hackney Weekend which took place at the weekend. The event was designed to give local residents a chance to celebrate the imminent Olympic Games, as well as provide outreach initiatives such as  Project Hackney, which encourages young Hackney residents to use creativity as a tool to express the challenges they face in their lives.

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