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Cocoa Bites: Leona, Is That You?

I have to say, I did a double take when I glanced the cover of the latest issue of Fabulous magazine. Doesn’t our Leona look stunning? I’m seriously loving the vampy lipstick and matching nails, the sleek ombre with lengthy fringe covering one eye, the stud encrusted body con dress – my, my, my  the Hackney warbler certainly is going for an edgier look, and I ain’t mad at her at all. Our Lee Lee is back doing the promotional rounds for her forthcoming album Glassheart which is out next week. Celebrity interviews in Fabulous are notoriously lengthy, and this one was no exception. In the piece Leona once again addresses her critics who accuse her of being dull, she also touches on the breakup between her and long-time partner, Lou, which I had no idea about. And of course there’s the usual Leona fare about her love of Hackney, animals, vegetarianism and the likes of.  Stand out quotes include:

On her alter-ego (gosh, everyone has one now, right? Damn you Sasha Fierce) 

“My alter ego is called Colin, Stacey is my wife and we have a pretend child called Pigface Man Child,” she giggles. “We make up plot lines that are more complicated than EastEnders!”

On her late West Indian grandmother who she cites as her main role model

“I live by the idea of carrying myself with ‘dignity and grace’. It was my grandma’s motto. She came to England in the ’50s as a black woman when black people were thought of as being on the bottom rung of society. My grandma knew that because of her colour there was reason enough to think badly of her, so she made sure she always conducted herself in absolutely the most respectable way.”

On growing up on the mean streets of Hackney *insert sarcasm*

“I’m a Hackney girl. I can handle myself. If I was in a club and someone pulled a gun, I would stay calm because it’s not out of my world. I grew up having to be streetwise, having to know how to handle myself.”

See full interview here 

And on another note, how nice is it to see a bit more diversity on our magazine shelves at the moment? More please, more!


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