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Must See: Bodyguard The Musical

Bodyguard The Musical

So a few weeks ago I was acting all nonchalant and indifferent about the fact that The Bodyguard was being made into a musical.  Although I planned to see it, I made it clear that I wasn’t a huge fan of the film to begin with, and my only intention was to satisfy a pang of nostalgia I’ve been feeling since Whitney passed away.  And yet, last Friday I found myself feverishly anticipating the show as I headed to the Adelphi Theatre in sub zero temperatures.


The promotional poster outside the theatre

The performance started just after 7.30 and it literally started with a bang. Broadway veteran, Heather Headley, plays the role of Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston) and wasted no time in letting the audience know that she meant business setting the proceedings with a rousing rendition of soft rock belter Queen of The Night. As the mostly middle aged/middle class audience clapped along in unison, Headley confidently strutted across the stage in a fitted pair of satin trousers and embellished bustier. From that moment I knew I was in for a great time.

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