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Guest Post: Fast Girls Review

Anyone who follows me on Twitter would’ve probably noted that I’m a pretty keen athletics fan. And with the London Grand Prix currently taking place in Crystal Palace and London 2012 exactly two weeks away, suffice to say I’m pretty amped right now. One lady who shares my enthusiasm for the sport is my friend, fellow blogger, marketeer and social media expert – Ronke Adeyemi AKA Ondo Lady. Ronke is a prolific blogger who covers popular culture on her award-winning blog  Ondo Lady. If you’ve yet to check out her recently revamped site, head over once you’ve finished reading.

Ronke recently reviewed the track and field themed feature film Fast Girls for The Cocoa Diaries. So without further ado, take it away…

I fell in love with athletics back in 1983 when I saw Carl Lewis dominate the inaugural World Championships. To me Carl Lewis had it all, agility, grace and most of all speed. His record winning four gold medals the following year at the LA games only cemented his position as the fastest man in the world. Since then sprint kings and queens have come and gone. The likes of Linford Christie, Merlene Ottey, Evelyn Ashford, Florence Griffiths Joyner, Maurice Greene and Michael Johnson have all delighted and thrilled us. Of course some have been better than others and some cleaner than others. On Sunday 5th August the world will wait with baited breath to see if a certain Usain Bolt can retain his title and becomes the double Olympic champion over the 100 metres.

As soon as I saw the trailer for Fast Girls, I was really keen to see it. The film is about a group of British female sprinters who are seeking glory at the World Championships.

Lenora Crichlow

Shania played by Lenora Crichlow is a talented sprinter who dreams of being a champion, however with zero funding and no access to coaching and training facilities it seems that this will be nothing more than a pipedream. This is a far cry from Lisa played by Lily James who is the pampered daughter of a former champion. She has been groomed for success and is the darling of UK sprinting. Sadly Shania stands in her way and the two find themselves battling on and off the track. Both ladies have inner demons to conquer such as Shania’s ack of self belief which is stemmed from her poverty striken background. Lisa also has to deal with the demanding pressures from her father who is living his dreams through her. Fast Girls has a touch of Bend it Like Beckham about it – a girl who realises her potential in a sport she loves, female solidarity and some romance thrown in for good measure. The sprinting scenes are extremely well produced and exciting to watch and it is really fascinating to see what goes into training a sprinter. Lenora is a brilliant as ever (that lady has a wonderful career ahead of her) and the supporting cast hold their own. It is really great to see a mainstream film with females in the lead roles.  With the Olympics just round the corner, watching Fast Girls only makes the build up to the games more exciting.
Fast Girls is available to watch in cinemas now!


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