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Online Series Alert: The Ryan Sisters by Angie Le Mar

There are many women who have influenced me throughout my career, but one woman who continually inspires  me to dream bigger, try harder and pursue my passions full throttle is actress/writer/comedian, and all round renaissance woman, Angie Le Mar. Ms Le Mar has been on fire over the last 12 months (in the Alicia Keys sense of the word), creating a new panel based talk show called Ladies Talk, which featured the likes of Bonnie Greer and Jocelyn Brown, and aired on cable channel Vox Africa. Hot on its heels is a new spoof comedy reality TV show called The Ryan Sisters. In the series Angie plays Venessa Ryan, a radio presenter who has agreed to be followed by the cameras for a documentary being made about successful black women. Next we are introduced to her two sisters, and from the offset it’s plain to see that beyond the surface, their relationship is plagued by rivalry, jealously and contempt. Despite the heavy sounding synopsis, this serious is bloody hilarious. Check out part one above, and episode two here.

Well done Angie!



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Dreaming The i’mPOSSIBLE Dream!

If I had to choose one word to describe this week it would be  – ‘exhausting’. Between exhibiting at Afro Hair & Beauty Live, working towards our fast-approaching deadline for the mag, and attending various events for work, I’ve been counting down to the weekend since Bank Holiday Monday. But if there’s one event that I’m sorry I didn’t make the extra bit of effort to attend it’s the i’mPossible Conversation which took place at the Pearson plc London office.

For those who are unaware of the i’mPossible movement, it is a social enterprise founded and spearheaded by the amazing Simone Bresi-Ando. Simone, a Global Communications and PR Expert, created the digitally driven space  to celebrate, highlight and promote the achievements of women of colour in Britain. Every few months i’mPossible hosts an evening inviting a panel of successful, prominent black women to gather in a small, intimate setting and talk to audience members about their journey to success. I attended the inaugural event last summer and heard the remarkable stories of Angie Le Mar, Bonnie Greer, Charlene White and Angela Ferreira, former commissioning editor for daytime TV at Channel 4. It was such a powerful night. We often assume that because a person is on  TV or has gained what we deem as ‘success’, that their struggles pale in comparison to the rest of us. But the panel dispelled a lot of myths and a lot of us left the room feeling inspired, fulfilled, and that yes indeed, we are all possible.

The esteemed panel at i’mPOSSIBLE summer edition

At last week’s event the panel included award-winning film-maker Sheila Nortley, journalist/author Hannah Pool, manager of England’s female football team, Hope Powell CBE , Broadcaster/Journalist Brenda Emmanus and scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE. Tickets sold out days before the event and it was standing room only. Founder Simone Bresi-Ando said:

“Looking back over the year the event has been in existence I am in awe of what it has achieved.  The way it brings women (and men) from all walks of life, together to hear stories and experiences that generally go unheard.  To have created a platform that transcends generations and perceptions to lead the audience to the same point of being inspired, empowered but ultimately, knowing they are POSSIBLE. The power of this event is something you need to experience personally, it’s very moving.”

Don’t miss the next one folks which is scheduled to take place in September. Visit www.i-am-possible.com for updates.

i’mPOSSIBLE founder Simone Bresi-Ando

Journalist Hannah Pool

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