The Cocoa Diaries was founded in March 2008 by moi –  Keysha Davis (pictured). I am a writer, editor, mother, and fiance to an equally passionate creative named Richard (I’d advise you to familiarise yourselves with these names, as I often use them as an excuse when I’ve been slacking on the posts).

I guess you’re probably wondering what sets me apart from the multitude of blogs currently hogging up cyber-space? Well when I first started out there were tonnes of blogs dedicated to entertainment and popular culture, but very few focused specifically on the Black British contribution. So I decided that would be my niche.  It just so happened to coincide with a time when Black musicians, actors and other public figures in the UK were/are doing particularly well. New artists like VV Brown, Laura Izibor and Shingai from The Noisettes are rightfully receiving lots of plaudits and media attention. And then you also have the likes of  Dizzee Rascal who secured the No.1 spot for weeks and had the fastest selling single of last year (2009), and more recently Idris Elba, who landed a leading role in a prime time BBC crime thriller called ‘Luther’ to much critical acclaim. These are exciting accomplishments when you consider I grew up at a time in Britain when  family members used to call up one another to alert them to the fact that there is a black person appeared on the TV.

So here’s to the future. Although as you’ll soon discover – I have a deep-seated affection for the past. But for now sit back, relax and enjoy yourself a cup of cocoadiaries.

Much Love

Keysha xxx