Cocoa Preview: Bodyguard The Musical

When the film the Bodyguard was released in 1992  (according to Google) it was during the height of my Whitney fandom. I’ve been a fan ever since she emerged on the scene looking all cherubic with an angelic voice to match in the early 80s, but there’s no doubt that Nippy’s star power ascended to the heavens when she starred alongside Kevin Costner in the sappy romantic thriller ‘The Bodyguard’.

Of course, when the film was released, I just had to see it. I remember going to watch it at Elephant & Castle cinema in south east London with a dude I was quite keen on at the time. I have to admit – it wasn’t the mind blowing experience I had envisioned. My date seemed to have an aversion for interracial relationships and  grunted and mumbled under his breath every time Whitney and Kevin where in close proximity. That was frustrating enough, but that aside, I wasn’t crazy about the film either. I found the relationship between the leading actors strained and unbelievable. It just didn’t make sense that they’d have this all-encompassing love affair only to break up because…. hmmm, why did they break up again? The mere fact that I can’t remember says it all really.  I dunno, maybe my expectations were a bit too high, but I found it a bit meh and anti-climatic. I tell you what I did love though? The soundtrack (of course), the stage outfits (the headgear in the Queen of The Night performance was the personification of fierce) and the fact that Whitney really cemented herself as a movie star even though some of the acting was a bit dodgy. So why am I mentioning this? Well next month the musical version of the film heads to the West End. Starring Lloyd Owen and Broadway singing powerhouse, Heather Headley, the show debuts at the Adelphi Theatre on November 6th. Will I be going? Sure bloody. Despite its shortcomings, the twinge of nostalgia tugging at my heartstrings is too much to resist. Since Whitney’s untimely passing earlier this year, I’ve watched it several times on Sky, and now – just like Grease, Dirty Dancing and Ghost – it occupies a fond place in my heart. Plus, I can’t wait to see what Heather Headley brings to the table in the role of Rachel Marron. Check out her rendition of the multi-mega trillion selling I Will Always Love You right here  And for details of the musical visit the official website here. 


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5 responses to “Cocoa Preview: Bodyguard The Musical

  1. nkemdilim odogwu

    The film might have its shortcomings but its a masterpiece whiney was stunning her voice was electric

  2. You know I’ve never seen that movie. When it came out I was in my dark phase and was into slasher movies, teenage angst it must have been. I remember when given the choice by mates to see this movie or Dr. Giggles (horror) guess which I choose, lol. I now feel like I’ve missed on an a decade of good cheesy flim and music.
    I think the stage performance my give the film a new lease of life and Heather Headley is meant to be an amazing actress. She won a Tony Award in 2001 for her perfomance in Aida.
    Who knows maybe hubby and I can see it on a date night ;0)

    • keyshad

      @MsXpat – Two shock confessions here A) You went through a goth stage (I need photographic evidence and B) You’ve never seen The Bodyguard. What you waiting for girl? You need to try and catch it when it comes on TV or watch online. I agree with you re: Heather Headley, she’s a phenomenal stage actress and I think she’ll wow in this role.

  3. nkemdilim odogwu

    I loved that film

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