Race For Life: Let’s Kick Cancer’s Ass!


Greetings folks. Yesterday I participated in the annual Race For Life charity run, a female only event that raises money for cancer. Waking up at the crack of dawn, it was a joy to see a sea of pink gracing the streets of Blackheath, south east London. Some women were dressed in cerise pink tutus, while others were donning candy pink stetsons, bunny ears, or them funny alien headbands. It was such a fun atmosphere that at times I  almost forget the reason we were there.


That moment escaped however we finally embarked on the heath and lined up for our run. In amongst the 10,000 throng crowd I saw countless women with posts on their backs  featuring heart wrenching tributes for their loved ones lost. Girls as young as 10 maybe were running in loving memory of the mothers they had lost to this wretched disease. Some women had listed four or five friends/relatives who had died from cancer. I ran with my two cousins and after a while we promised ourselves that we would stop reading them as it was that emotional. But soon the moment had arrived. Having not prepared for the race I was  really reluctant to participate. But I’m so glad I did because not only was the 5K not bad as I imagined it to be, but it really further drove home the point that we need to use all our strength, might and fight to eradicate this thing.


I set myself a really realistic fundraising target of £100 but unfortunately I’m only 25% there.  I’ll admit, I was slightly disappointed that I hadn’t raised more, but after discussing it with my sis in law today we both agreed that many people are probably suffering from charity fatigue. Even I’ve lost count of the number of people who ask me to sponsor them on a regular basis so I can only imagine the same must apply to those who haven’t responded or sponsored. But if per chance, you are able to support the charity by even donating a few pounds, I’d be sincerely grateful. See link to my page here



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