Pride Magazine Features The Other Naomie

Naomie Harris is also featured in Pride magazine. The British actress who is gearing up to become the latest Bond Girl, talks about her evolving style – emerging from someone who once happily wore hand-me-downs –  to realising the power of clothes as a successful Hollywood actress. I’m a huge fan of Naomie. She’s super-talented, humble and I love the fact that she shuns the fame game and just hunkers down to concentrate on the most important thing – the work. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Who is your style hero?

Thandie Newton. She never makes fashion faux pas, and she’s always immaculately turned out, sophisticated and ahead of any trends.

Describe your style, please.

By day, I’m all about comfort and wear long floaty dresses and large pieces of ethnic jewellery in the summer. But by night, I’m all about the glamour, which often requires being uncomfortable and teetering around in high heels and dresses I’ve been sewn into!

What is your hair regime? 

The hairdresser I work with in LA is Kim Kimble [hairstylist to Beyoncé], who has her own line of products called Kimble, which I use religiously. I genuinely don’t think there are any better products for ethnic hair on the market.

See full interview here

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One response to “Pride Magazine Features The Other Naomie

  1. Ashley, Ashley

    Naomi sounds like a class act. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future

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