Naomi Shines in Pride Magazine’s Decadent Issue

Naomi Campbell positively glistens on the cover of Pride magazine’s Decadent issue. Looking like a glacial queen in a pastel coloured couture gown, the magazine landed an exclusive interview with the reclusive supermodel. I’m very hot and cold when it comes to Naomi. Career wise, I can’t fault her. She’s probably the most successful Black British female there is, and despite being in her forties can still bulldoze the new  generation of models off the catwalk.

I remember seeing her sashay down the catwalk years ago and being mesmerised by the rhythm in her walk and  the power and confidence she transmitted. However, whenever I watch or read interviews with her, I’m disturbed by her refusal to acknowledge mistakes from her past.  Ms Campbell’s propensity to blame all her past phone throwing, bitch slapping misdemeanours on her ‘Daddy issues’ seems infantile, and I’d love for her to get past that and flourish into a women who is in full control of her life professionally and emotionally. That said,  I look forward to reading the article as I know how rare it is for her to speak to the press. The magazine is out now.


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2 responses to “Naomi Shines in Pride Magazine’s Decadent Issue

  1. Jewel

    I believe Ms. Naomi did admit to her faults in her last interview with Oprah. It’s perhaps difficult to comprehend ‘Daddy issues’ and abandonment issue by your mother if you haven’t been affect by them personally. Frankly, if my staff are stealing my stuff I’d want to do something about it. Further celebs are often exposed to malicious intent by people inside their own camp. Perhaps Naomi let her temper get the best of her on occasion but when you are constantly focused upon it’s easy to blow a fuse. Since we don’t have to live with that kind of public and media scrutiny we cannot really fathom its microscopic effects. Needless to say I will continue to be a fan!

  2. Mmmm, I’ll have to disagree with you on this one Jewel. If it was just one incident of violence I’d maybe be willing to overlook it, but just Google wikipedia for a summary of her assault charges against various members of her staff including her housemaids, personal assistant, and even allegedly her drug counseller. The woman is in her forties and still using her childhood issues as justification for her deplorable behaviour, I’m sorry, I just can’t support that. No matter how fly she is as a model, how gracious she is on the catwalk, I can only respect her professionally but personally she has to learn to take responsibility for her life and her well-being, and stop laying the blame at the door of somebody else. I loved the Oprah interview because Oprah wasn’t giving her a pass. For all denial, her misplacement of blame, Ms Oprah wasn’t having that and it’s evident that she probably needs some of that good old-fashioned ‘tough love’ to grow into a woman who is fully in control not just professionally but emotionally too.

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